Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requests public comment on three Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) section 610 reviews.

Posted: 11/13/2012 in General Information
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On October 31, 2012, EPA announced that it will review three regulatory actions pursuant to section 610 of the RFA.

The three actions are:

  • Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards and Highway Diesel Fuel Sulfur Control Requirements;
  • NESHAP: Reinforced Plastic Composites Production; and
  • NPDES Permit Regulation and Effluent Limitations Guidelines Standards for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

EPA is soliciting comments on: the continued need for the rules; the complexity of the rules; the extent to which the rules overlap, duplicate, or conflict with other federal, state, or local government rules; and the degree to which the technology, economic conditions or other factors have changed in areas affected by the rules.

Comment submission deadline is December 31, 2012.
•  Notice from the Federal Register
•  Advocacy contact: Sarah Bresolin at 202-205-6790
•  Regulations.gov, the Federal government’s one stop site to comment on Federal regulations

For more information on Regulatory Alerts please see the Office of Advocacy webpage http://www.sba.gov/advocacy/815


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